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This 33 m² apartment is located in the best part of the famous rue du Bac. Occupying a high floor of a historic building with a magnificent and grandiose staircase of the XVIIIth century, its high ceiling gives to this very high luxury pied-à-terre an exceptional feeling of space.



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Originally, this two-room apartment was a delapidated studio. However, by integrating the kitchen with the living room, the TurnKey Design Lab teams managed to transform it into a beautiful, bright and spacious two-room apartment. Using different techniques including a subtle play of graphic lines mixing the grooves of the doors and the hollow joints, some elements are made invisible like the kitchen, the bedroom door and some closets. The unusual ceiling height allowed the creation of numerous storage spaces while avoiding an overloaded effect. The parquet floor was of course preserved and renovated. The private bathroom in white marble adds a touch of luxury to the whole.

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